Event Production Services


Event production is an important aspect of any live performance or event but it can be stressful. We aim to ease some of that stress by offering an event production service. We can provide a turn-key solution at your next performance or event.

The Radius Entertainment team has decades of technical expertise and if we don’t have what your event needs; we get it.  We put our clients minds at ease to ensure that your live performance or event runs smoothly.

Technicians, Production Managers, Designers are just some of the experts we can provide. Along with the state of the art technology, we will ensure we leave your clients on the edge of their seat in anticipation of what comes next.

Event Production Melbourne

Why You Should Use an Event Production in Melbourne

Our event production services in Melbourne brings a range of technical expertise to the table to ensure your event kicks off with a bang and runs smoothly. We understand how stressful hosting an event can be, and our service will relieve a bit of that stress on you. We bring state of the art technology and recruit only the best crew to collaborate with us on your event production.


Benefits of a Sound Technician in Melbourne

A sound technician will work hand in hand with a lighting technician as they will have to synchronise their skillsets for the best experience.

  • Sound technicians are ideal for preparing and operating all the proper equipment. They know how to work with the equipment, and usually, they come with their own equipment that they trust and that your event will go according to plan.
  • The sound technician will ensure the audio of your event will be pitch perfect. For example, getting to the right audio mix for your event will ensure your guests comfort and enjoyment of the occasion. You wouldn’t want to play back video footage and have bad feedback or an uncomfortable squeak in the background.
  • When the technicians work together, the crew is perfect. You can receive a recording of your event — a live performance captured with clear sound, clear picture and clear lighting.


The Importance of a Production Manager in Melbourne


A production manager will be in the background to bring all your technicians together, making sure everything runs smoothly and everybody is in place. Your production manager is your go-to person for everything you need during your event. If you need your lights brighter, your sound louder, your mic softer, the one person that can make it happen is your production manager.

  • They have the best organisation skills of the team. They plan and co-ordinate the entire event and all the staff that’s a part of it. They schedule the movement of the whole event and will make sure everything is in place and in working order.
  • Your manager will ensure your event planning stays within budget. The theming team and technicians will get a budget that they will have to work with to make sure your event comes to life.
  • They have the necessary knowledge to ensure your event goes according to plan. They will ensure that everything runs smoothly from accounting to security, film, sound, lights, and microphones. Your production manager will make sure your event is what you wanted it to be.


Why Trust Radius Entertainment

At Radius Audio Visual, we take pride in providing the best technology and production services to all clients around Victoria. We strive to bring unique experiences to all our clients and guarantee to work within your budget. We always remain professional and ensure our crew is always on time backed up by the latest technology.

We provide Audio visual hire, Event Production, Installation Service, Design & Consultation, Event Theming, and Venue Services.

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